Teacher Utilities and Tools

The Teacher Utilities facilitate classroom management in many ways.

  • Create up to five groups within one classroom to correspond to children’s different learning needs (language background, levels of ability).
  • Personalize the software so children enter KIDWARE through the special icons that they have chosen. They see and hear their names faciliting alphabet recognition within a meaningful context.
  • Track children’s software use. Print reports to parents summarizing concepts covered and suggesting activities to extend children’s learning. Special teacher reports offer additional activities to practice concepts.
  • Adjust software program levels to accommodate specific abilities, interests, languages and themes reflected within your class.
  • Create Lesson Plans. KIDWARE includes a collection of lesson plans organized into thematic units.
  • Print developmental checklists to pinpoint children’s needs for additional concept development.
  • Printable activities to help children practice and reinforce concepts.

Teachers need to report to parents on each child’s progress and give parents specific ways to extend their child’s learning…

Dear Parent:

Carmen’s favorite program is: Electronic Easel!

Basic educational concepts your child has practiced include:We can have favorite colors.

We might not like some colors.

When we paint, we can use different colors in different ways in our pictures. Trees do not always have to be green; the ocean does not always have to be blue. We can use colors in new and fun ways.

Try these activities to extend your child’s understanding:

Take a poll on the favorite color of jelly beans of friends and family. Have your child graph the votes on a bar chart. Have jelly beans on hand to sample while making your decicions.

Would blue mashed potatoes taste different than white ones? Would you want to eat blue mashed potatoes? Try making a “mixed-up” meal with your child.

Teachers also need to plan activities that reflect children’s emerging interests.

Dear Teacher:

The favorite program of this class is: Electronic Builder!

You can use the following themes to organize curriculum activities and projects that reflect your students’ interests.

Shapes all Around us
Habitats and Shapes
Building With Shapes
Recognizing Shapes in Nature
Patterns in Nature
Shapes in Space
Creating with Shapes
Sizes–Small, Medium, Large
Shapes with Straight Lines
Shapes with Curves

Consult Level 3 of your KIDWARE Teacher’s Guide for additional themes and hands-on activities that can extend your students’ learning.

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