What are the benefits of KIDWARE?


  • Helps develop the sound/symbol relationships that are necessary for gaining reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Encourages meaningful discussion that enriches language development and expands listening and speaking vocabulary.
  • Increases independent learning and self-confidence.
  • Expands thinking skills with challenging activities.
  • Promotes the development and application of reading skills in a meaningful context.

KIDWARE motivates students to become independent computer users. Further, with KIDWARE students experience a balanced approach to reading and language arts. They integrate skills and apply concepts they have practiced in the software.


  • Enhances opportunities to provide individualized programming for students.
  • Facilitates classroom management of the computers.
  • Supports tracking of children’s progress.
  • Expands communication skills by offering feedback and instructions in English and other languages.
  • Promotes ongoing communication with parents regarding children’s progress.
  • Provides on-line lesson plans organized around projects and units of study across curriculum areas.

With KIDWARE teachers gain a new tool to help them achieve their educational goals. They are assisted in educating students with differing ability levels, learning styles, and many language backgrounds. Through their personal hands-on use of the computer as a tool to meet their classroom management and reporting needs, teachers develop an understanding of the importance of technology for their students. This understanding assists teachers in computer use as a tool for students, too.


  • Introduces concepts of a balanced approach to reading and writing including phonics and comprehension.
  • Offers unique ways to interact with their children.
  • Supports open-ended and creative use of technology.
  • Reinforces the concept of the parent as the child’s primary teacher and an ongoing participant in the learning process.
  • Provides opportunities to enhance their own literacy skill.

Parents with limited literacy skills or from other language backgrounds often assist their children in using KIDWARE. Through this experience they gain a comfort level with technology. As a result parents become motivated not only to become more involved in their children’s education, but to use the computer to further their own learning and economic self-sufficiency.

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