What are the Special features of KIDWARE?

  • Specially designed interface promotes independent use by children as young as three-years old; voiced feedback and instructions in a child’s home language; consistent set of graphic commands across all children’s software programs; and multiple levels that challenge developing abilities.
  • Expanding complexity and multiple language support that meet individual abilities of students.
  • A meaningful context for the development of literacy and numeracy through the creation of a personalized learning environment; and easily integrates within the learning framework of state curriculum standards.
  • Students explicitly practice skills of phonemic awareness and apply their phonics skill. Our multi sensory approach gives students a unique opportunity to use both auditory and visual channels to learn. Students listen and repeat words. They see what they are saying. This visual and auditory pairing strengthens connections for young readers. Further, it promotes the development of decoding skills that lead to reading fluency.
  • Students use software to enhance the development of rich oral language skills (speaking vocabulary). Documenting these simulations with the built-in primary word processor helps the student transfer speaking vocabulary into written vocabulary. Students create, write, read, and publish their own stories. They practice reading their own narratives and those of their classmates.
  • Software activities include graphic images paired with word labels. These activities help develop recognition of sight words and improve reading vocabulary. Recommended books provide opportunities for students to apply their learning and practice the skills that have been introduced.
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