Fun With Animals

Assemble parts to create a whole animal. This activity helps children build an understanding of parts-to-whole. This concept is a building block for understanding that words can be made up of smaller sounds; these sounds are put together to make a whole word. Identifying the sounds within a word is central to developing phonemic awareness. The software easily integrates with animals and their habitats as a unit of study.

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This software provides creative and logical thinking opportunities for children. Level 1, Make Mixed-up Animals lets children combine the parts of many different animals to create their very own mixed-up animals. Level 2 asks children to make an animal that matches the real animal example that is provided. The third and most complex level challenges children to find the animals’ homes. The habitats include a farm, grassland, desert, and the arctic region. Within the
software there is the option to choose among several levels of difficulty. Voiced instructions and prompts enhance the ease of use for children from any language background. On-screen text supports young emergent readers.
l Allows children to work at their pace;
l Supports creative combining of animal parts to make a special, unique animal; l Provides a risk-free learning situation and positive feedback;
l Includes limited text on the screen that can be voiced; and
l Provides ease-of-use for young children (Mouse input and/or SPACEBAR and ENTER keys (on the keyboard) for most operations).
l To develop an awareness of similarities and differences;
l To develop an awareness of animal body parts (head, body, tail, and legs);
l To begin recognizing different kinds of animals; and
l To develop awareness that different kinds of animals live in different habitats.
Basic Understandings
(General concepts related to the software and integration activities)
l Anything that is alive and is not a plant is an animal. l There are many kinds of animals.
l Some animals live on the farm. Some live in the zoo, desert, etc. Animals can be classified by where they live (among other classification schema).
l Animals move in their own special ways. l Animals need food and water to live.
l Animals need many different kinds of food. l Each animal makes a different sound.
l Animals are used by people in many different ways.


  • Windows Version XP or Higher.
  • Sound Card with Microphone and Speakers.
  • Printer.



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