KIDWARE-Educational Software for children. KIDWARE includes class management applications for teachers and child assessment

Early Literacy Toolbox

Welcome to KIDWARE Early Literacy Toolbox!

KIDWARE is an early learning curriculum that uses computers to help children learn to read. It uses a thematic framework to organize lessons and directly connects the classroom computer to literacy learning. Students apply skills of phonics, decoding and automaticity as they read, write, and record their own stories.

KIDWARE Early Literacy Toolbox combines literature-based instruction and phonics to include lesson plans, books, materials, hands-on and computer activities, instructional strategies, and recommended implementation procedures.

Additionally, KIDWARE offers systematic documentation and enhances teachers' abilities to individualize for students based upon assessment data that are collected as the child uses the computer to apply concepts introduced in thematic learning activities.

Further, KIDWARE offers teachers opportunities to observe and evaluate child performance, both through its built-in capabilities, as well as through a companion computer-based assessment tool, Outcomes Express, for Pre-K and Kindergarten, specifically focused on language development, literacy and mathematics.

KIDWARE curriculum has achieved recognition and awards from early childhood educators, the Software Publishers Association, and Technology & Learning Magazine, among others. It is an award-winning, interactive computer software designed to stimulate your students' creativity and problem solving abilities.

KIDWARE and Outcomes ExpressTM are great tools for schools. So, come on in!

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